The Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations is an inter jurisdictional group of regulating authorities who are dedicated to developing consistent standards of qualifications and practice for insurance intermediaries dealing in insurance of persons and property.

Its goals and objectives include creating a common voice to deal with issues that may be of interest to other financial services regulators, consumers and intermediaries.


CISRO consists of the regulatory authorities for insurance intermediaries from all Canadian jurisdictions. The appropriate authorities from all jurisdictions in Canada are regularly invited and are welcome to participate in CISRO’s activities.

The principal responsibility of members of CISRO is to administer the regulatory system applicable to insurance intermediaries under their authority. Though CISRO members cannot enact legislation, they are key advisors to their governments on regulatory issues related to insurance intermediaries.

CISRO accomplishes its mission through meetings, conference calls and on-going communication among its members providing opportunities for sharing of information and working together in collaboration in the development of coordinated solutions to common regulatory issues.


Harmonized or mutually recognized qualifications and practice standards for insurance intermediaries to provide appropriate levels of consumer protection throughout Canada.

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